Spring Training Events

Wow! We have been busy and so excited about people getting excited about swimming their dogs and learning about Canine Water Sports!

Erica is teaching short land and water workshops at What A Good Dog in Malvern, PA. Check back, I will add new topics each month.

WAGD Short Land and Water Workshops

Denise is doing a Nautical Nose Work workshop in Connecticut for YIPPI on April 7th, 2013.

Introduction to Nautical Nosework

Erica and Denise are doing a Canine Water Sports Dry Dock workshop in Colorado on April 27th and 28th 2013.

Colorado Dry Dock Workshop

Erica and Molly’s Canine Water Sports Merit Pass August 5th 2012

This is Molly’s CWS merits pass photo with Judge Denise Grimm, photo taken by Deborah Lee Miller-Riley. Her Directed Retrieve was a textbook example of a nice focused “Mark”. For the Tow of Swimmer I had to redirect her back to the steward but she did do a “Circle” command 100 ft away from me so that was awesome! She passed both tasks attempted that day. The next Canine Water Sports test is hosted by Search Response K9 and 4 Paws Adrift in Oxford, NJ on Sunday, September 16th. Spectators are always welcome to learn about this new water venue.

Splash Camp 2012

Boy, did we all have fun during Splash Camp in July! Here are some pictures to give you a little taste of our swimming joy. All pictures at Splash Camp were taken by Jay Brenner Photography.

Click the first picture to open a large view of the photo gallery.

New Entry Level Task for Canine Water Sports

Effective this season is a new entry level Canine Water Sports task for the Qualifying Team Swim. Please visit www.caninewatersports.com under “Rules & Tests” for the 2012 CWS Manual. This is where all task descriptions are contained even the new Qualifying Team Swim. 4 Paws Adrift can introduce this new task to anyone at either our swim sessions or Splash Camp in July. There are two tests in Connecticut and one in NJ for anyone to tryout their new Team Swim skills.

2012 4 Paws Adrift Membership Application

The 2012 4 Paws Adrift Membership Application and Swim Dates are posted on this web site under Events Calendar/Events Forms.

We are a small training group looking for new members that want to train their canine in all kinds of water sports. Any questions about joining our water training club don’t hesitate to contact us at searchresponsek9@gmail.com.

2012 Splash Camp Flyer

The flyer and registration form for the 2012 Splash Camp at Lebanon, NJ on July 5th – 8th is posted on the web site under Events Calendar/Events Forms.

The team has been planning the event for many months and is so excited to host such a great event. We have several events and speakers planned. Looking forward to Splashing with everyone!

SRK9/4 Paws Adrift May Rally Trial

We have a lot of room left for our May 26th and 27th APDT Rally Trial. We have extended the closing date to Friday, May 18th 2012. Do not hesitate to send your entries. The premium is listed under Events Calendar/Events Forms. We look forward to seeing everyone!
Erica, Denise, and 4 Paws Adrift

Send to the box at WAGD in Malvern, PA

Erica & Tori

Indoor Pool Dog Training at What A Good Dog in Malvern, PA. Rottweiler “Tori” practicing her go to the box. This is a great example of targeting. Targeting is good to build confidence in dogs. This is another behavior that brought joy to Tori around water. Targeting is a good tool for water work since it is a leash free environment and in large bodies of water you can be up to 100ft from your canine when you are on shore. An indoor pool is a great place to practice target approximations. For example after weave poles you can train a “Send to box” behavior. Also, in Canine Water Sports all tasks start and end at the box so this behavior opens up many, many tasks for you to explore.

Towing of boogie board at WAGD’s pool in Malvern, PA

Erica & Molly

Indoor Pool Dog Training at What A Good Dog in Malvern, PA. Newfoundland “Molly” towing a boogie board. Dogs need to learn to pull against drag in the water. Towing is another great activity to practice in an indoor pool. There are many great Towing tasks to learn in Canine Water Sports. Towing is great for all skill sets from beginner to experienced.

Swim Weave Poles at WAGD’s pool in Malvern, PA

Erica & Molly

Indoor Pool Dog Training at What A Good Dog in Malvern, PA. Newfoundland “Molly” learning Swim Weave Poles. Weaves Poles is one of the behaviors in the Canine Water Sports Aqua Agility Tasks. This is a great activity to teach an advanced swimmer to keep swim time “fresh”. Add behaviors before and after the weave poles to chain together a segment of tasks. Watch the video on “Send to the box”, this is a great obstacle to add after your weave poles.

Our Mission Statement
To assist dog/handler teams in a positive working environment in order to promote team unity and collaboration in Canine Water Sports and Search & Rescue venues.
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